January 7, 2006 To Morrows

April 19, 2004 Los Angeles

July 30, 2003 why

July 29, 2003 debt


July 15, 2003 anniversary

July 9, 2003 the metric system

May 19, 2003 everything falls apart

April 15, 2003 under cover.

February 17, 2003 happy accidents

February 15, 2003 Next Time


February 2, 2003 How it Works

January 27, 2003 (unfinished) i fall in love...

Promise (unfinished)

unfinished (i want to call you...)

December 29, 2002 Matches

December 24, 2002 Shizzle My Nizzle

Holiday Haiku

December 12, 2002 drunk dialing

multiple choice

November 6, 2002 untitled (i want to tell you...)


untitled (i have a bad habit...)

untitled (i can never tell...)

untitled (i counted...)

untitled (i have a stomachache...)

untitled (beautiful...)

untitled (thirty days...)

untitled (the first year...)

untitled (that something...)

untitled (strategic revelations...)

untitled (the pigeons...)

untitled (i saw your empty shoes...)

untitled (i like to think about...)

untitled (this afternoon...)

My Personal Ad

new math



error, irrational

the driving to work in the morning poem

November 5, 2002 fall II

untitled (if it's not written down...)

untitled (traveling the city...)

untitled (unfold your fisted shoulder blades...)

untitled (he likes the broken girls...)

untitled (half-asleep...)

untitled (do you remember...)

untitled (we fit together...)

original sin

for carolyn

sign me up

untitled (i fall in love with ideas...)

untitled (my eyes blink...)

untitled (it's eleven eleven...)


the greatest invention


my aim is true


October 29, 2002 Econ 1101

October 28, 2002 fall

October 10, 2002 a piece of a poem

October 7, 2002 if it's not written down

September 28, 2002 My horoscope on Yahoo! today:

unfold your fisted shoulder blades

September 10, 2002 My friend Marty wrote this

Random piece of poetry that

September 7, 2002 ***** he likes the broken

August 28, 2002 This isn't so much a

August 24, 2002 More unfinished crap to torture

August 20, 2002 This one is way, way,

July 19, 2002 do you remember when my

July 16, 2002 This is unfinished, but so

July 10, 2002 original sin she's fearless i'm

July 3, 2002 for carolyn she tells me

June 10, 2002 sign me up i want

June 5, 2002 i fall in love with

May 28, 2002 my eyes blink like the

May 14, 2002 it's eleven eleven he says

May 4, 2002 the greatest invention besides tv

April 29, 2002 pm your hands lay me