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My Funny Valentine

Four years ago today, I met my husband IRL after having commented on his blog for months. The fact that I was struck completely dumb in his presence is one of my favorite parts of our whole story. But our story has been told time and time again, so I need something new this year.

So, Jeremy, how do I love thee? Let me count (a few of) the ways.

I love that:

  • when we tell stories, we break in on each other and it becomes a verbal tennis match.

  • in life, when you stop to think, I move forward with no thought - and that where I stop to think, you plow ahead.

  • we have an office at home where we can sit side-by-side at our computers long into the night. Nerd love is the grooviest love of all.

  • you opened the car door for me on our first real date.

  • you sometimes say things that make me laugh so hard it hurts.

  • when we first started dating, one of the first gifts you gave me was a 128MB memory stick. What was that about nerd love again?

  • you have seen all the worst parts of me (literally and figuratively) and still love me.

  • you are a great dad and our baby lights up the moment you come into the room.

Happy Family

Quite simply, my dear: I. Love. You.

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AWWWWWWWW...but for real, a 128 mb memory stick?...fuckin cheapskate.

Now that's a love that will last! :)

I love how Trixie is already trained to look directly into the camera.