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Thirty Two Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Funny how much less of a deal my birthday is now that I have a kid (not to mention a kid whose birthday is two days after mine). Less planning, less fanfare, less celebration, less attention. The really funny thing is, I don't mind so much.

Last year, I was too distracted by the prospect of giving birth to spend much time making resolutions for the new year. This year, I'm going to try to get back in the game. So, let's see...what do I want to do in 2007? In my thirty-second year of being Meghan, I would like to:

- Be an awesome wife. This means going easy on the nags, being supportive, giving massages and just trying to be a good partner overall.

- Be an awesome mom. This means spending time with my baby, giving lots of hugs, going on walks, taking naps together, reading books...just being together.

- Return to my pre-pregnancy weight*. As of yesterday morning, I've got 9 pounds to go. Though I also think that I'm fatter now (vs. having more muscle before I got pregnant), but I'll cross that bridge later. For now, a return to 150 would be super. After that, I'm considering trying to lose another 10 lbs. -- to get to 140 -- but again, I'll cross that bridge once I get to 150. I can't believe I'm telling the Internets how much I weigh.
*If I get pregnant again, which I'd like to happen this year -- obviously the weight-loss goal gets put on hold. But, I would like to gain less weight with a second pregnancy than I did with the first.

- Be more active. I got skates for Christmas, and I've been ice skating once a week. I'd like to do one active thing per day (walk, bike, Rollerblade, yoga, run, etc.).

- Get enough sleep. This goal roughly translates to the motto, "Asleep by 11, Awake by 7." I'm trying to get more consistent with wake-up and fall asleep times.

- Be more polite. This is a continuation of a goal from 2005, stated as, WWDDD: What Would Doris Day Do? In addition to wearing fabulous pumps and giving Rock Hudson a piece of her mind, the lady had class.

- Finish knitting the sweater I started in 2005. I'm stuck at the hood. I need to just set aside time to work on this. If I get back to my goal weight, I might actually be able to wear it.

- Stay in touch with friends more. Calls, emails, cards. I have lots of far-flung friends and it's hard to stay in touch. Jennie and I made a resolution to see each other once a month -- either with or without kids.

- Kick ass at my job. Also, make sure I am balancing kicking ass at my job with the other parts of my life; I have a tendency toward the workaholic.

- Set aside time for myself. I'm really bad at this, and I end up burning myself out. I am going to try to set aside a little time each week when I don't have to DO anything or BE anything. Even just for a couple of hours. A related goal is wanting to read more books this year; I could set aside some time each week to read by myself.

- Spend less, save more. I got us all set up on Quicken, so I should be able to keep track of this. Basically, I want to be The Millionaire Next Door.

That's all I can think of at the moment; I'm sure I'll think of others later. Meanwhile, I took the day off work. On the agenda: a 10am massage, a trip to Sephora to pick up some new eyeshadow, a stop at Old Navy to spend a Christmas gift card, Byerly's to get some snacks for a small gathering tonight, and whatever other miscellany I feel like.

Happy Birthday to me!

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Happy b-day, Meghan! Hooray!

Happy birthday, Meggie! Sorry I didn't show up last night with a box of wine as promised. After reading your resolution to go to bed by 11 and be up at 7, I can see that a box of wine wouldn't help you very much at all. It didn't help us very much back when we used to celebrate birthdays that way, either.

ha! i knew it was your birthday today.

tho, sadly only because my birthday is on friday.

so, happy birthdays!

Why is it so damned hard to finish a sweater? I've only been knitting for about a year (maybe a little less) so I went for something easier... a vest, and still, I'm being too lazy to finish it. I don't even have the excuse of a fabulous baby to coo over.

I recently made a goal list like this, but not birthday related. My fiance recently (by recently I mean as of yesterday) changed to a shift on which I pretty much won't ever see him during the week. It was a massive promotion though, couldn't be passed up. I've had to make a list of goals and tasks to keep myself from being a mopey, sad loner during the week. Last night I listened to Broadway showtunes on vinyl and cleaned the house. Tonight... I dunno. Last night was a tough act to follow.

Happy Birthday Meghan and Trixie!

happy birfday, it's all about you!
(until tomorrow)

Happy belated Birthday Meghan!! I hope you had a wonderful day :)