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For Your Consideration

Happy New Year!

A list of my resolutions and a response to the tag from Sharyn are forthcoming, but first -- I learned something new already this year! Yes, I finally figured out how to make a freaking iMovie (P.S. It's easy! I made this in about an hour.). Without further ado, here is my first masterpiece: Wee Walker. Grab some popcorn and enjoy.

Posted January 2, 2007 10:05 PM | On This Day: 2006 2005 2003



Now get her to do that with a vaccum cleaner... Priceless!

Well done on the iMovie. Too cute. Looking forward to more.

Happy New Year Meggie!

I'm bummed, I just get a "?" on the Quicktime image.

quicktime is a free download for mac or pc. http://apple.com/quicktime

Check out dat booooty.

MAN she's cute.