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Double Feature

I'm taking the three days between the Christmas and New Year holidays off. While fun, it's not exactly a vacation:
- Saturday we went to New Richland for an early Christmas celebration with Jeremy's dad.
- Sunday we traveled from New Richland to Janesville for Christmas with his mom, stepdad and siblings.
- Monday we returned to Golden Valley.
- Tuesday we ran errands all over town, then went to a 1st birthday party that evening.
- Wednesday night I had most of my 26 cousins (Yes, 26. And that's only on my mom's side of the family! Damn Irish Catholics...) and their significant others at the house for a holiday gathering.
- Tonight my friend Marty is coming over for a Wii-fest and some wedding planning help.
- Tomorrow night more friends are coming over with their kids for dinner and hanging out.
- Sunday morning we're going skating at Aldrich arena. (Did I mention that Jeremy got me a RAD pair of ice skates for Christmas? I got him a Katamari t-shirt. Hm.)
- Monday we're having friends over for brunch and I still haven't entirely figured out the menu or gone shopping (for that OR for the dinner on Saturday). Meanwhile, I was hoping to get stuff done around here on my week "off." Gaah!

Not that I'm entirely complaning, mind you. It's fun to have people over, and I love that our new house can accomodate entertaining better than our old house. It's just that now I'm going to need a vacation from my vacation. Thankfully, yesterday Jeremy and I took the whole day for ourselves and went on one big fat date. We dropped the Trixster off at daycare and went straight to Southdale for a 10:40am showing of The Holiday, then hopped in the car and went to the Edina for a 2pm showing of Sweet Land. (Did I mention that I was pumping in the passenger seat on the ride over? Aw, yeah. Nothing but class.)

I can barely remember the last time we went to a theater, let alone a double feature! So, here goes: my first non-Netflix movie review in god-knows-how-long:

The Holiday
Okay, the thing I love about romantic comedies (and I've mentioned this before) is that everything is perfect. Everyone looks good and lives in a great house or apartment and everything gets tied up very neatly at the end. They're predictable, and -- when you're in the mood for it -- that's part of the charm. The Holiday is no exception. Totally predictable, but (for the most part) totally enjoyable.

Minuses for:
- Cameron Diaz. I think the same person that told J. Lo she could sing also told Cameron Diaz she could act. Bleh.
- A horribly unneccessary sobbing sound effect laid over one of Kate Winslet's scenes. It was gong-worthy.

Pluses for:
- Jack Black plus Kate Winslet. Who doesn't love Kate Winslet? She's the cat's meow. And Jack Black? PLEASE. Seeing the two of them fall for each other was almost more than I could bear. It was (and this is saying a lot) more intense than the time I saw Vince Vaughn and Geri Halliwell on the same TV show at the same time.
- Jude Law in a role where he doesn't give me the willies. Much. I don't know what it is about the guy, but he strikes me as smarmy. In this film, he's actually sort of likable.
- Child actors that I don't want to punch in the head. I hate child actors, but the two English girls in the film seem charming. Maybe it's the wee accents.
- Giving me that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling that reminded me of when Jeremy and I first started dating.

Sweet Land
A totally sweet (sorry) love story about a mail-order bride who arrives in a small Minnesota town. I don't want to give anything about this movie away, you should just go see it. It was filmed in Minnesota and the cinematography is great. I loved how they layered the flashbacks from modern day to the '60s to the '20s and back -- they never jumped from modern day straight to the '20s, they always delved through each layer to get you back there. Between the cinematography and music, the film had a distinct feel to it -- I was reminded of Lost in Translation in the sense that that film also had a distinct color palette and soundtrack and rhythm to the story. And, in both films, there is no hurry or rush to the storytelling. It just quietly unfolds and gives the viewer a feeling that I can't accurately describe. If you are open to it, you can be utterly transported into another world -- and in my mind that's the best kind of film.

So that concludes my double feature movie review. Husbands of the world take note: if you want to get your wife all romantically amped-up either one of these films is a winner. If you really want to make her feel like she did when you first met, take her to both.

And now? Romance be damned! I must tackle my to-do list.

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you can always come to our place to skate as well.. also, that whole driving and pumping thing.. maybe you should have stopped at one of those Pump and Munch gas stations..

and if we can help with brunch let us know

Thanks for saving the brunch with the non-stick spray!!

Apologies for not making it the other night. Tonia ended up closing at the mall and wee man and i were stuck at home cleaning. boo to it all. sounds like it was a good time though.

A double feature sounds dreamy and all of your entertaining sounds very fun. And like a lot of work. The only people we're entertaining this weekend are ourselves and even that takes a lof of cooking, cleaning and preparation. Good luck and have fun!

I don't understand extroverts. I don't understand extroverts. I don't understand, I don't understand, I don't understand extroverts.

- Cameron Diaz. I think the same person that told J. Lo she could sing also told Cameron Diaz she could act. Bleh

Did you see In Her Shoes? Her big, deep, "I don't read so good" scene nearly killed me. I'm pretty sure I peed a little.