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Two Trixie Tidbits

First, Trixie and I were in the Home+Garden section of today's Star Tribune [here's a pdf]. Fun!

We also appear briefly in the online slideshow (and that's my voice at the very beginning). We are media darlings!

Second, we experienced our first real barf today (as opposed to cute widdle baby spitup). When Jeremy picked Trixie up from daycare this afternoon, he was told she had tossed her cookies just a few minutes earlier. But, since she seemed as bright-eyed as ever, he brought her home and started playing with her. Annnd she promptly upchucked all over her exersaucer. Then, when I got home about an hour later, she again seemed fine (all smiley and huggy) so I nursed her a bit. My theory that breastmilk cures all was proven false; I was treated to a milky barf-bath moments later. My first reaction was "Gaaah!" but -- with Jeremy's help -- I quickly reverted into the standard Mom barf mantra, "It's okay, honey. Get it all out. It's okay."

The best part was, I meant it. It really was okay. And that? That is true love.

Posted November 29, 2006 10:05 PM | On This Day: 2004



You both look just adorable in the paper. I have it hanging on my wall...which makes me the most "alternative" person in our office.

Poor baby, I hope she's feeling better. And you handled the barfing very well...congratulations, little momma.

It's good to know not all McInerny types are sympathetic vomiters. Needless to say, my dad had a wee bit of trouble in the rubbing my back and holding my hair out of my face department.

I love it! Trixie hanging out on the table. Little cutie!

You are so right! Nic can barf on me, get snot all over my clothes, dump his food all over the floor etc, and I will still love every inch of that little boy!

Hope Trixie is feeling better now!