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Mom's Night Out

Mommy needs a drink!
Photo by massdistraction.
I went to a co-worker's wedding reception Saturday night. The highlight? Aside from watching my friend Chuck slow dance with the groom during the dollar dance, this exchange ranks near the top:

Young Female Bartender: Can I get you something?

Me: Um. Yeah. Let's see...how about a Bacardi and Diet Coke?

Young Female Bartender prepares drink. I see her glance furtively at the other bartender to get his attention. She mumbles something, he looks at me and says, "No." I realize she's asked him if he's carded me yet.

Young Female Bartender: Can I see your ID?

I hand over my license, thinking it's pretty nice to get carded at 31.

She looks at my birthdate and says simply, "Whoa."

Posted September 18, 2006 3:01 PM | On This Day: 2002



That's a total compliment. As in, "Whoa, I never would have guessed you are 10 years beyond the drinking age." Lucky.

Be prepared for this phenomenon. My Mom was carded a month or two ago (she's 55). I have heard about it for *weeks*.

We went out on Saturday and Marty got carded and I didn't. He's 4 years older than me. What does that mean?

I got carded recently while buying beer with my dad. I gave the guy my standard response which includes pointing to my jugs and asking 'do these look under 21?' My dad turned red and nearly fell down.

after she said "Whoa" you saw a cat walk by the doorway 2 times

Dude, you looked HOTT Saturday night - well done.

Dangit, I still have half a drink ticket (good for a Shirley Temple). Doh!