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Small Victories

1. I'm wearing pre-pregnancy jeans. Granted, they are tiiight and I have a serious muffin top (camoflaged by a very loose shirt) -- but the point is, I am wearing them. Progess is being made.

2. Despite some soul-crushingly stressful moments (picture this: one client on my cell phone talking in my right ear, a second client on my desk phone talking in my left ear while a third client is calling my other cell phone line and a conference call is scheduled to begin with a fourth client in four minutes and three other clients are emailing me), I haven't cried at work today. Yet. The day is still relatively young.

Posted August 3, 2006 2:08 PM



hang in there. you're doing an amazing job on both fronts. it can only get better...right?

Excellent work on the jeans! That's terrific.

Boo hoo on the phones. Far too many. Of COURSE it makes you cry.

Yay! You're back!

Pre-pregnancy jeans? HOLLER! I LOVE MUFFIN TOPS!

I'm trying to imagine which clients. Yikes. Enjoy your weekend!