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Water Baby
Yes, I'm still alive. Just far too busy and going through one of my, "Oh, why the hell do I blog, anyway?" phases*. I'm surly. Alternately stressed and happy. Also feeling like since I work on a computer all day (and sometimes all night) the best thing I can do for myself is log off and walk away.

Trixie continues to amaze. Genius baby, through and through. She can SIT UP. What?! Yeah.

I've had two glasses of wine (cut with San Pellegrino, mind you). I feel super-dee-dooper.

*Lolife says, "We blog to change the world." And though I'm pretty sure he's not talking about blogs as meaningless as mine, maybe he's right. At the very least, I know blogging has changed my world. At it's worst, it's my public diary. At it's best, well I'm not sure what it is at its best, but I keep on coming back for more. So there must be something I'm getting out of this. I'll let you know what it is as soon as I figure it out.

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At its best..? Hmm.. keep working on it.. :-)

(oh, and HOLY CRAP - you're a mom! That is so cool!) :-)

(sorry.. didn't mean to say "crap" in front of the baby..)

Those are the cutest chubby baby legs I've ever seen. Good to see you back. I miss your blog. Take care. (I've only got 9 weeks to go!) I'm getting so excited. Also, can you send me the link to where you found your baby sling?