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Dazed Days

Photo by neongreen.
Argh. So busy. So crazy. Pillowfight was good. See Flickr. There are some good pictures of my delicious baby.

Working a lot. Mothering a lot. Feeling too busy and looking forward to July when I hope things will calm down in Wilkerville and the husband and I can sit in the backyard eating dinner and watching our spawn roll around happily in the grass.

This weekend we're headed up North for the annual Tribe trip to scenic Herbster and the breezy shores of Lake Superior. No computers allowed.

Which is good because my home computer crashed hard (and it's a Mac!) and has made me grumpy with technology. Not to mention crippled my ability to upload photos to Flickr and update my many-splendored calendar (Color coded by Family, Beatrix and Meghan, duh.). So, while the calendar publishes to a server which I subscribe to on my laptop to keep me all synchronized, I can't make updates if information changes. Gaah!

Anyway, who cares! Let's enjoy this long weekend, shall we?

P.S. I couldn't help but notice that my "On This Day" link goes to a post about The Spice Girls and the untrue rumor about them reuniting. In other Spice news, Geri Halliwell (aka Ginger Spice) has had a baby girl: Bluebell Madonna. Her nickname at school will be "Please Stop Punching Me."

Posted May 25, 2006 11:42 PM | On This Day: 2005



I am coming over to steal this baby.

As opposed to Penn Jilette's daughter, Moxie CrimeFighter, whose nickname will be "Have you had enough, because there's more where that came from."

I actually don't think so. I prefer to believe that Moxie, Bluebell, Shiloh, Suri, Kingston, Apple and Moses are all going to hang out together and kick the butts of anyone named Emily or Grace.

I think that Kevin Smiths Daughter Harley Quinn will kick all their combined butts

dear god this blog is crusty.