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My First Mother's Day

I didn't realize until I picked up Trixie from baby school on Thursday that this Mother's Day I'm actually a mom. The realization came when I picked up my first mother's day gift ever: a little geranium with a card attached that Trixie had "made" with her handprints inside.

Mostly I come from the Madge school of thought when it comes to Mother's Day. Namely, that it's an invented holiday, and mostly for the kids, but it's here to stay so make the best of it. So, I don't expect horns and fanfare or one of those cheesy gold "Mother and Child" necklaces the jewelry stores are always pushing, but I will graciously accept the scrambled eggs that my husband is currently cooking, and I will cherish these little orange handprints until I am old and gray.

Photo by massdistraction
And I will take the opportunity today to be completely grateful for everything that I have: a job that allows me the flexibility to be a good mom, a partner in crime who is a great husband and father, and the best baby in the Universe. I know I'm a lucky girl, and I know there are many moms out there who don't have it as easy as I do.

In the spirit of my first Mother's Day, I invite you to check out the following sites:
- For my left-wing bleeding heart activist mom friends, check out Mom's Rising, an organization that's working to make life better for America's families. (Let's reclaim "family values" from the Republicans, dammit!)
- For my practical mom friends, check out Parent Hacks, a collaborative weblog of parenting tips, and Minti, the parent-to-parent advice-opedia.
- For my nerdlinger, data-driven mom friends, I give you the Baby Name Wizard blog (Incidentally, if you are expecting, the Baby Name Wizard is the best baby name book on the market. No lie.)
- And for my celebrity-news-addict friends who enjoy a healthy dose of mindlessness, I give you babyrazzi (thanks to Minnehaha Mama for this latest shameful addiction)

Now, go call your mother.

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Happy Mother's Day Meg!

Happy Mother's day!

Thanks for mentioning Minti and congratulations on your first mother's day! :)

Hope to see you sometimes over at the site.

Hey, I came here to see a poem written for your mother. Where's the poem? That third sibling is totally on your heels.

Nevermind, found it on your mom's site. It's good to be the favorite, isn't it? Or at least the favorite after Jenine.

Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day Meghan! Trixie is such a cutie!

it was fun getting to see you all on M Day