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Something's Gotta Give

At what postnatal point is it pathetic to still be wearing maternity pants? Cause I gotta tell you, three months later I'm still rocking the Old Navy elastic waist, y'all. HOLLER!

Posted April 17, 2006 8:52 PM | On This Day: 2005 2003 2002



I think you're okay for now. However, if you're wearing pants with a stretch panel when Beezus hits 6th grade, we're going to have to talk. But then again, this is coming from a girl whose first order of business after work is taking off her pants.

With 3 days to my due date - I can't imagine that I will EVER wear a belt again. I LOVE my stretch-o pants and plan to wear them for life. Now...if they just made them in LONG! Thank goodness it is warm here in VA so I can pretend they are are capri style ;o) Work it girl....

There were two reasons I stopped wearing maternity pants:
1) You got pregnant and needed some pants.
2) I discovered "yoga pants" which are basically slim fit maternity pants.

Well I'm six months postpartum and I still really like to wear my pink maternity sweater and the maternity T-shirt I got that says "Who's Your Daddy." You spend all that money on clothes - you might as well wear them longer than 9 months.

Cool it works..

I never liked maternity pants, but always wore plus sizes ie. 1x, 2x, 3X, aaarrrgh!

But i like flowy clothes anyway and ones that stretch and hug in the "right places", like a kids flex-fit stretchy band-aid...

And... I might ask "what's that bit about "nursing will take the wait right off!" Kind of an ironic theory dont cha' think when you get more hungry from feeding a child!?


I don't know why, but SNL skit came to mind while reading this post...

Mom Jeans[tm]

Go on with your bad elastic waistbanded self!

Oh my gosh! Mom pants! Never!! I'll wear sweats and stretchies and skirts the rest of my life instead...

Typo in last post: I meant "weight" instead of "wait"

Ally- girl

A "hip-Mama", ain't catchin' me in no Mom pants...