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Guilt Trip

The end of my maternity leave looms large.

I signed the Trixster up for daycare yesterday. I have a feeling that leaving her there - no matter how nice a place I think it is - is going to be very, very hard.

For now, though, I'm going to put all of that out of my mind. Today we went to the Zoo with friends, and tomorrow we leave for a much-needed trip to California where I plan to lounge in a cabana with my baby girl and pretend like our days together are not numbered.

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I cried every day for the first week when I started taking Martin to daycare. It got better after that. Then, once he got older, it got worse again. He would cry "Don't go" and stand at the window bawling as I drove away...also bawling.

Yup, it sucks. Myles hated it at first but he loves it now.

One thing about parenting (from my perspective) is that I don't mind causing my child discomfort if I know it is for something good. Going to school, being independent, socializing -- these are all good things that will benefit Trixie and make her stronger. Ya just gotta keep that in mind, because it does tear you up a bit.

It is one of the hardest things to do! Thankfully I get to stay at home now with mine but it wasn't always that way. I cried and cried leaving my baby girl the first time (ok, so not only the first time!) But you'll be ok and she'll be ok. Enjoy your vacation and your days together!!! :)

Don't know if it's an option for you or not, but why not just stay at home? Me and my wife gave up ALOT for her to be able to do this (the pay for stay-at-home moms is pretty low...lol) , but it has worked well for us for the last 5 years.

It will be hard. Count on it.

I don't often go around quoting Uma Thurman, but I once read that she said that in her estimation working moms are the bravest people on earth. Or something to that effect. That's how I like to think of it.

The consolation is that each day back will get a little easier. Now go out and do some hunting and gathering!

BTW: Thanks for stopping by my blog. I had checked yours out before too (and your mom's), but was too paralyzed to comment.