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The Monster of Phantom Lake

Last night we got to see our pal Leigha in a starring role in The Monster of Phantom Lake, a locally-produced spoof of '50s monster flicks. She was awesome and the movie was very funny and entertaining. As an added bonus, the film premiered at The Heights, a theater I hadn't set foot in since it was remodeled years ago. As a double-bonus I got to enjoy movie theater popcorn for the first time in MONTHS. Ahh, sweet nectar of the gods.

Meanwhile, Trixie spent the evening with Mopsa and The LP, snuggling with pugs and enjoying the benefits of TiVo.

I'm not sure who had a better time...

Posted March 10, 2006 2:16 PM



it's nice to get out...

i know...

All hail, movie-theater popcorn!

(Since you asked, the Lunds on Lake in Uptown has kabocha squash. Whatcha makin'?)

DUDE. Can't even begin to thank you enough for being there last Thursday. Here - one more: THANK YOU!!!