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Rachel McKibbens

I went to see Rachel McKibbens read at The Artist's Quarter last night. I can't really describe how I feel about her and her work; I have this hetero-crush on her -- like in Junior High when there was a girl you sort of wanted to be. So I was all nervous to meet her (and am fairly sure I came off as a complete tool), but she is an absolutely wonderful woman. She is razor blades and blood roses and poems that tear you like raw meat.

I bought her chapbook (No Means Maybe) and this poem brought me to tears.


when you were born
my blood dropped like wild fruit to the floor.

you were announced a girl, placed upon my chest
our pulses chiming against each other
as your father became strapped to the wind.

for three days, I hemorrhaged
became too weak to hold you as I waited
for my blood to return

the nurse tucked your body into mine
and you'd blink toward my voice
as I whispered rumors of fragile things.


I understand how it feels to be left in the dark,
to pray to such an average god,

and why young girls sit by windows
waiting for their daddies,

waiting for lost blood
to come

- Rachel McKibbens

After last night I felt like my own poetic creativity might not be completely burned out. I'm hoping for a wild flame soon.

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wow. that is stunning.

Rachel is an awesome mommy and poet! It was great to see you! If you need added inspiration, Muriel Rukeyser has a great series of poems written around motherhood (not those hokie hallmark kind of things). She's one of my favorite dead poets.