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Jackie Joiner

"You will be notified if your child is bitten at our center. However, in order to protect the privacy of all our families, you will not be informed of the identity of the biter."

We've started the search for daycares, and the Great Debate about whether I should go back to work, and if I do go back -- how much should I work.

There are so many factors to consider. Not only financial considerations, but emotional ones as well. In one corner, it makes my soul hurt to think about leaving her with someone else for eight hours a day, five days a week. In the other corner, I could see myself going mental as a full-time SAHM (An acronym for "stay at home mom." You cannot BELIEVE the number of new acronyms I've learned on all the mommy listservs I now belong to.). It's a difficult decision on all fronts.

Meanwhile, I'm filling my maternity leave with all sorts of mommy meetings. Today we're headed to Lakeville for a NINO meeting. Last Thursday, we had a playgroup and on Friday a mothering group. Most of the groups I attend are either directly or indirectly associated with Attachment Parenting. Starting in a couple of weeks, we're also taking an ECFE class on Monday evenings.

These meetings are nice for two reasons: first, it's nice just to get out of the house. I start to go stir-crazy after a while, especially because if I'm in my house I feel like I should be doing something -- which is darn near impossible with an infant. Unless they're sleeping, in which case you have maybe a two-hour window of time in which to begin and complete something...or risk it never getting done. Which explains why every room in my house contains a half-finished project: a partially-folded basket of clean clothes, half-opened mail, an unfinished kitchen curtain, or just piles of crap that need to get sorted and put away. So, yeah. It's nice to get out of here once in a while.

The second thing I love about these meetings is the opportunity to talk to other parents who also choose the attachment style of parenting (co-sleeping, breastfeeding, baby wearing, etc. -- basically all the things that make me a "dirty hippie" according to my sister). It's great to hang out with all the other dirty hippies; though I will say I seem to be the only one who shows up wearing lip gloss and leopard print.

P.S. Lest you think I've completely lost my edge -- I'd like to point out that on Wednesday the downtown movie theater is screening Ultraviolet at 11am. (Moms can bring kids under 24 months for free, and they keep the sound turned down a bit so babies can sleep.) I'm totally gonna go watch Milla kick some ass while I breastfeed in a movie theater. If that's not rock and roll, I surely don't know what is.

UPDATE: Though I do love the Milla, I decided to forgo Ultraviolet considering it got a 5% on Rotten Tomatoes. I think the only movie with a lower percentage than that might be Baby Geniuses.

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Nice try. You'll be sitting at a matinee breastfeeding and WEARING your baby while you knit her organic onesies and save her diapers for compost. You're still a hippie!

I don't think you should worry so much about becoming a hippie. The last time I saw you, you wore a kicky sweatsuit and tried on several pairs of shoes to find the one that best complimented your outfit. I'll start to worry about you when you are unable to name the best shade of OPI nailpolish that would go with any outfit I produce.