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Gene Pool

Yesterday, while driving my Grandma home after a trip to Joann Fabrics, a guy in an Envoy swerved in front of me from the right lane and nearly cut me off. You know how people on two-lane city streets sometimes try to get ahead in the right lane and then suddenly there's someone parked there and they have to swerve back to the left lane? It was like that. Really annoying.

But I'm trying to keep a lid on my cuss-heavy road rage these days, since I'd prefer if Trixie's first words were "mama" and "papa" (as opposed to "You asshole!" and "Motherf*cker, learn how to drive!" So, after the guy cut in front of me, I sighed and said something like, "Jeez..."

My grandma, on the other hand, said, "I hate when people do that! I'd like to shoot them."

It's nice to know that my road rage is a proud family tradition.

Posted February 23, 2006 9:12 AM | On This Day: 2003



Um, so like, where are some new pictures of little Betty? Please say you're coming to S&B on Sunday....WITH bebe.

In keeping with the family tradition: When Lillian was out with her father, hunkered down in her car seat, a car zoomed by her window -- very fast and very close. Apparently it scared her and she proclaimed loudly, "Son of a bitch!" Mike claims she was three years old. But you know how he exaggerates -- I think she was only two.

I am in your life so that you have someone to blame when the kid yells 'SHIT!' or 'GOD DAMMIT!' for the very first time. I can't tell you the number of children I've spoiled with my evilness. And I'll spoil yours too. It's my destiny. So swear all you want at those sons-a-bitches. When the time comes, it'll still be my fault.

In my opinion, there's really nothing cuter than when a really litttle kid says a swear word.

Absolutly adorable. Babies first "you little shit". My heart flutters in anticipation.

Cute. Adorable. Right. Like when a young Austin shouted, "Grampa, get that son of a bitch!" as a bat flew around in the cabin. Even gramma laughed.