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House Arrest

Since Beatrix was born, my life has been divided into two hour increments (three if I'm lucky), punctuated by a round of breastfeeding, a diaper change (three if I'm unlucky), and snuggling her back to sleep.

It's amazing how quickly two hours flies by: check email, make a couple of phone calls, throw in a load of laundry, whip up a quick lunch...then bam, the two hours is gone and she's fussing for another snack.

I'm not complaining, mind you. I love my baby and so far motherhood agrees with me. But today is Jeremy's first day back at work and the reality of my new tethered-to-an-infant lifestyle is setting in.

Speaking of which, it's been two hours since I put her down and she's starting to stir. It's feeding time. Posted February 6, 2006 1:07 PM | On This Day: 2003



I just called, but I guess you had a baby attached to your boob.

PS: How many hats does that baby own? JEALOUS.

Baby hats rule. I went a little overboard with the little man, and he had oodles of 'em. This one was my favorite, though.

well i just called and she was watching a movie and talking to me.......hmmmm seems to me like your exagerating your situation duder.
P.S. you cried during that movie didnt you! i knew you would, its mad romantic yo.

don't stop believin'

hold on to that fee-lay-yay-yay-yen...

... i know it's the joy.

and i still believe

Looks like Beatrix already knows her "good side" and has a penchant for rocking the profile. She's a star in the makin', hear you me.

God bless the internet and its ability to hide from you all the ridiculous baby talk I'm fighting right now, often involving the word "squishy."

Hey Meghan!!! How the heck are you!!! I was thinking about you today, so I typed your name into Google and WOW, there you were with your husband and beautiful little girl!! Congrats to you!! Eric and I had a little boy, Nicolas Bjorn, on Sept 28, 2005 so basically we were pg at the same time huh? :) Too funny! Glad to see all is well. Hope to talk to you soon! Have fun with the little one, they grow up so fast!!