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Promise (unfinished)

The next time I see you,
it will be different.

I will place my hands around
your face and kiss you even
before I say hello that
will be hello and an invitation
to everything we didn't do
the first time around.
All the things we didn't say
and didn't feel quite yet
that now feel like too much and
too far away too good to be true
and maybe not even real

I never meant to
wait for you it just sort of
happened that way and by
waiting for you I of course
mean in my heart because I
must confess that my body
has betrayed you on occasion
but I prefer to think that
without a promise there is no betrayal.

Of course again I also know
that not all promises are made
out loud or just with mouths
some happen quietly and go
unnoticed until later
when your heart leaps up
with an answer to a question
you hadn't noticed being asked.

The next time I see you, though
it will be different.

Posted January 27, 2003 10:51 PM