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untitled (i want to tell you...)

i want to tell you how I loved you before
we even met and how I think of you
at work and tears well up because
I want to go home and wait for
you to get there and I want to
tell you how you make me sane
and you make me crazy
and I want you to know that together
we could cure cancer or start a new
civilization or just move to Portland
and how I am the lucky one
because in life, you hardly ever
get what you want
and also that i like your yellow shirt
and the way you smell when you think
you smell and how sometimes you talk
and talk until I can hardly understand
where you started, but I still think
I know where we're going
and I want you to know that I wish
I knew how to garden so I could
give you flowers every day
lilies in the spring
and daisies in the summer
bunches of carrots caked with dirt
in the fall
and i forgot to tell you that i sometimes
compose songs to the sound of your
heart beating in three-four time against
my ear
which makes me forget everything
i wanted to tell you

Posted November 6, 2002 11:39 PM | On This Day: 2006 2005