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untitled (i can never tell...)

I can never understand what is happening
how I fell in love with you two weeks before
you walked through the door
or how you feel my thoughts
from an hour away
and call to tell me what I was thinking

I can see the future in everything except
when every word we say spins us in a new direction
until we're so dizzy we can't remember where we came from

except, I know you came from me
and someday you'll have to return
because no matter how fast you run
I'm still ahead of you

if I could step inside a black hole
this would make more sense
with the event horizon between us
you would see me, slowed down
to a pace you could better understand
and I know you'll understand

just like when we smoke
to shut ourselves up
and slow down our minds
speaking quick stories between drags
desperate to finish one and move to the next
our mouths racing to keep up with our heads
our hands with minds of their own

whenever our fingertips touch
I am giving you something
you don't understand
because I can see the future in everything

Posted November 6, 2002 11:36 PM | On This Day: 2006 2005