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untitled (i like to think about...)

I like to think about
sleeping next to you
your warm body
seeming small, curled up
next to mine radiating
heat and the smell of clean hair
skin oil and Kamel Red Lights
scents wafting in and out of my dreams
talking to you without making sense
as I drift between
sleep and wide awake
finding you have crept across
the bed and thrown your leg
over mine or that I have
wandered over and wrapped myself
around you so tightly my arm is
asleep I breathe you sigh we shift
this is some undiscovered heaven
I squeeze my eyelids together
force the sun's retreat
back under the horizon for
one more hour
to listen to the fabric of your shirt as
it shifts endlessly to the uneven
rhythm of your heartbeat in
a silence so thin I can
hear the light as it reaches through
the windowpane
to join my fingertips on your skin

- 1999

Posted November 6, 2002 11:28 PM | On This Day: 2006 2005