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sign me up

i want a new life
and 0.9% financing
a new car will make me
feel better moving away
a new apartment new capris
if everything was new
i would feel better
nevermind the monthly payments
on my jimmy choos palm pilot
sex and the city dvds and
that moisturizer that heather
locklear told instyle she uses
and is the best at $90 for one
ounce it damn well better be
where is my new life it was
supposed to be here in
six to eight weeks i paid extra
for two-day shipping but
it's still missing that and
the perfect pancake ronco pocket
fisherman food dehydrator susan
powter's stop the insanity and
that shampoo that cher used to sell
all of that
would make
all of this

- June 2002

Posted November 5, 2002 11:33 AM | On This Day: 2003