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untitled (i fall in love with ideas...)

i fall in love with ideas
not actual people
so don't flatter yourself
i'm not actually in love
with you
you're just really good
on paper
your last name fits
really well with my first

i've been to our wedding
it was beautiful and our mothers
cried and the best man
was caught making out with
my sister at the reception

our children were beautiful
very smart with big eyes
black or blue or green depending
on which one of you
i'm talking to our daughters
were adorable as toddlers
and that mother's day breakfast
you made brought tears to my eyes

we grew old
on the front porch of a house
in the city you died before i did
which was sad but expected
because i aged very well

so there's no need
for me to get to know
the actual you because
that would just ruin it all
we've already had a
a wonderful life
and the whole time
your last name fit
really well with my first

- June 2002

Posted November 5, 2002 11:28 AM | On This Day: 2003