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Econ 1101

Economics is bullshit
I'm pretty sure he's making this up
Who cares what the marginal utility of my last dollar spent on Good A really is?
That's what I thought.

My neck snaps and the back of my head meets the cinderblock wall
That fucking hurt

The woman to my right makes my crazy
in her denim night-school dress
I imagine she's a school secretary
The kind that delights in marking students like me tardy

There's a bumper sticker on the back of my head
that says, "I'd rather be doing anything."

I put my hand on my chin.
Do I look smarter now?

Good A vs. Good B
Never in my life have I had to choose between
two measly goods with such boring names
and those scribbles on the chalkboard are looking
positively Greek

My hand is on my chin again
I'm desperate
Do I look smarter now?

Now here's something really interesting
I think a guy sitting up front used to be on Baywatch
Now I'm dreaming of tight red shorts
with my hand on my chin

I wish they'd make a show
like Sesame Street for grownups
I'd like a Muppet to explain equilibrium price
in the form of a song

I need visual aids
I've got no focus
At least, that's what I sometimes think
But I'm not sure

I do know this:
that rat bastard at the front of the class
with chalk on his knuckles and his Dockers khaki ass
he deducted twelve points from my homework last week
and I used real graph paper!

Damn, he's looking at me
I wonder if he noticed my hand
Placed intellectually across my chin.

Posted October 29, 2002 9:06 PM | On This Day: 2003