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The P Files: Week 39

Magic Baby Pillow
I'm ready for baby to arrive, but I have a feeling it's going to show up late.

I'm looking forward to meeting the shrimp. Will it be a boy? A girl? A shy, gentle flower like its mother? I just can't wait!

Now if we could only decide on a name.

Posted January 4, 2006 10:43 PM



I voted Beatrix for a girl, not only because it's not one you hear every five seconds, but because it has maximum versatility in the nickname arena. I think even just calling her "B" would be cute.

My inner Descendents fan was demanding Milo for a boy, and hoping against hope that he would pop out of you already wearing thick, rectangular specs, but in the end, my love for the name Oliver won out.

Are you going to name your son after my son? ;)

Wow - a stunning number of those names are also on the running list that I keep in my planner (shhhh, don't tell my monkey). Ultimately, I voted for Vera and Oliver, but I really really like them all. Good work, Wilkers!

Great names. Viv is the CUTEST and sounds great with Wilker. We are so excited for y'all.

Take care and please...keep us posted!

yo listen up the following names are taken. spud, pants, fiona, penelpi. i spelt penelopi,i spelt penelopi wrong but fuck it