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2005 Report Card

It's that time of year again. Time to evaluate my 2005 goals to see how I did. The short answer: not that good. Coming soon: my goals for 2006. (How much you wanna bet I'm going to put "Have a Baby" on the list, just so I know I have an automatic A for next year?)

Without further ado, here are the 2005 goals in review:
1. Be an awesome wife.
I wasn't sure how to grade myself on this one, so I asked Jeremy how he thought I did. After an "Umm..." and an uncomfortably long pause, he replied, "Pretty damn good. Always room for improvement, though." When pressed for a report card-style grade, he awarded me a B+ (I missed the A due to what he refers to as "the cake incident" in which I made Craig a kickass monkeyface cake for his birthday, while my poor neglected husband received a last-minute cake mix in a 9x12 pan with hastily-applied frosting). Next year I'll have to make him a Katamari cake to redeem myself!

2. Go to Thailand for at least two weeks with my husband. (F)
I failed at this, but for a good reason: we decided that a pregnant lady and a trip to Thailand don't mix. So, this goal is postponed for a while.

3. Get to - and maintain - zero credit card debt. (A)

4. Save as much for retirement as humanly possible. (A)
I been sockin' away at my 401(k) like a mo-fo.

5. Kick ass at my new job. (A)
At the risk of sounding bragadocious, I think I pretty much kicked ass at my new job.

6. Start the side business that Jeremy and I have been talking about. (F)
We decided not to. Maybe later.

7. Look into being a leader at WW. (A)
I get an A because I did look into it, but decided not to pursue it because it pays so little I'd be better off working at McDonald's. (Plus, I'd get free french fries and Weight Watchers DEFINITELY does not have free french fries. I checked.)

8. Maintain my weight or lose 10 more pounds.
Um. Grade is not applicable because I gained a baby (plus some Swedish Meatballs and chocolate shakes).

9. Be more active. (D)
I worked too much, and worked out too little. Bah.

10. Meditate. Relax. (D)
I still have a long way to go when it comes to shutting off my mind and just enjoying a nice, relaxing afternoon. Hopefully shrimpy will help me stop and smell the babyhead. NOTHING is more relaxing than a deep whiff of baby scalp.

11. Be more patient. (C-)
Patience is overrated. Instant gratification is WHERE IT'S AT.

12. Pick a place to Volunteer. (F)
I didn't do much for the greater good this year, I must confess.

13. Start my Idea Group. (F)
Lolife ripped me off and was going to start an Idea Group, be he didn't manage to pull it together, either. So. At least I'm not the only failure around here.

14. Stop twirling my hair. (F)
My mom says it's gotten worse. I told her I do it when I'm thinking. She laughed. WHAT?! I think a lot.

15. Write more poetry. (F)

16. Learn something new. (F)
I'm sure I learned something new at some point this year, but the fact that I can't REMEMBER what it might be is not a good sign.

17. Clean up the design and code of this site. (F)
I didn't do jack crack on this site all year, except sporadic bloggin'.

18. Knit myself a sweater. (B)
I am about 60% done with the Rogue sweater, and I bought a pattern and yarn for another sweater as well. It's more fun than I expected to take on a big project; we'll see how well it fits come Autumn (assuming I lose all the baby weight by then -- which will definitely be a 2006 goal).

19. Be more polite. (C)
I did write prompt Thank You notes for wedding and baby stuff, but I still curse like a sailor and could probably use some additional refinement in the manners department. A resolution worthy of bringing back in 2006.

20. Write letters to my little brother in the Navy. (F)
I suck. I think I wrote Pat like one letter. Hm. Better add this to my 2006 list, huh?

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Ok, I graded this on a 4 point scale. On #16 I gave you an A instead of an F because I am positive that you learned something new this year (hell, you probably learned all kinds of things about your body you never knew!) but the fact that you can't remember them is not your fault. You have pregnancy brain and that automatically gives you an an A for effort.

I didn't count going to Thailand because as you said pregnant women and Thailand might not be a good mix and of course didn't count the weight thing either. You get extra credit for getting to and maintaining zero credit card debit.

What does all this mean? Well, out of a possible 72 points (on a 4 point scale) you earned 40 points (remember the extra credit and excluding #2 and 8) giving you a better than average grade. You should be proud! ;)

Sha-damn, I want that Katamari cake! And hey, your turnaround time on those baby shower thank you notes, lightning fast. And since you are super pregnant, with pregnant brain and all, I think you should get bonus points for that.

Umm, thanks for including me as a failure! OK, I did fail. But '06 is the year of the Idea Club!

You never cared about grades this much in High School.