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The P Files: Week 37

DSC00279.jpgThere's what, like 18 days until shrimpy arrives? That's just crazy talk. I'm not ready to be a mother. I can barely operate a motor vehicle! And yet, in a few short weeks I will be the BOSS of a PERSON. I can finally say, "Because I said so!" when someone asks me whyyyyy they have to do something, and it will be a legitimate response. AWESOME.

I've spent the past few weeks worrying far too much about work; now, thankfully, I'm off for 10 blissful days, during which I plan to forget about work altogether. Tomorrow I pick up Nora from the airport, then meet Paddy at Uptown Tattoo while he gets inked -- and so that I can meet his tattoo guy in preparation for the tattoo I plan to get this summer. The tattoo that I'm going to get using the gift certificate Jeremy got me last year for my birthday. The gift certificate that I'm certain causes him to question his own sanity as his wife ponders what to permanently etch on her person. But, he hides it well.

I'm also using this week to indulge myself in a variety of beauty treatments. Tonight, I got my hair cut and colored. Next Tuesday, I get a pedicure. Monday I get my beard burned off by lasers. I figure, hey -- if I can't look hot during labor, at least I can be presentable. I'm tempted to get a bikini wax, but that somehow seems wrong. As if perhaps I am pandering to the audience, and it's not supposed to be that kind of show, people!

I had a baby appointment this week (we do 'em weekly now!) and everything is lookin' good. I'm dilated one centimeter and the doctor poked my baby in the head with her finger. I won't go into detail, but there was a rubber glove involved if you know what I'm sayin'. (I suspect that everyone I work with who secretly reads this but never tells me they read it is now scraping their eyes out with pencils trying to rid themselves of the mental image I just gifted them. Ho ho ho!)

I had two showers at work last week and was completely stunned that so many people got me so many awesome gifts! It was very touching. One woman even crocheted an afghan for baby! How cute is that?! But, my favorite gift has to be the iDog that one of the programmers I work with put on my desk today. Anyone that comes to a baby shower with a gift for Mama is welcome in my world. Now, I just have to get some batteries for the little bugger. He's beggin' for the beat!

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For the love of God, give your baby some Guinness.

go for the bikini wax, afterall you want shrimpie to have a good first impression.. ok, sorry, that was probably out of line, but I couldn't resist, you started it..

There's nothing better than looking pretty on the table! LOL I can't wait to hear when shrimpy arrives, you have such a way with words that I know the birth story will be riveting!!!! :)

Well??? Any news yet? How are you feeling????

As BOSS of a new person you get to say lots of predictible things.
For example,
Offspring: "But Mom, everyone's mom is letting them do .

Boss: (and this is one of my personal favorites)"But, I'M NOT everyone else's mom."


Tuck that one away. It will come in handy someday.