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The P Files: Week 36 - Baby Mama Drama

I fell yesterday.


Let me preface this whole story by saying that I am fine and baby is fine. Mostly, it just scared the shit out of me. I was coming out of Big Brain Comics with a Christmas gift under my arm, and had just pulled out my cell phone to call my husband with some happy news. (Namely, that the comic book store guy and I had decided on what we -- Jeremy, baby and me -- should be for Halloween. In 2006. 11 months from now. Yes, I call my husband with this sort of breaking news.)

I got to the corner, where my car was parked, and I'm not really sure what happened except the sidewalk must have been a little slick and the next thing I knew I was on my hands and knees on the ground. The pain didn't hit me right away, but I was stunned as all hell. A guy and his wife came running over to see if I was alright. Why is it that people always ask if you're alright when you're still on the ground and have NO IDEA if you're alright or not? I gasped, "Yeah..." and got to my feet slowly. By this time the couple had already walked away, and that's when the pain really hit me.

I gathered my things and hobbled to the car which thankfully was only a couple of feet away. My knees were throbbing and I noticed I had torn my jeans and all I could think about was getting home as fast as humanly possible. I called Jeremy and immediately started sobbing; I choked out that I had fallen and was coming home. I think he had a silent heart attack, but outwardly he stayed calm and told me to come home and he would take care of me.

He was right in the middle of installing a bunch of exhaust fans in the house with his friend, Michael and couldn't provide a lot of nursemaid help (he was nearly covered in sheetrock dust and bits of insulation), but he got me some ice and helped me into bed. I wiped off my skinned knee and laid down for a bit feeling sorry for myself.

Overall, the damage is minimal: a couple of scratches on my left hand, a scrape on my right arm, a skinned left knee and a very sore right knee. (The biggest blow is that I tore one of the FOUR pairs of pants that still fits me comfortably, so in mere seconds my pants wardrobe diminished by 25%.) Like I said, mostly it just shook me up and made me realize how careful I should be, especially in the winter when I'm 9 months pregnant. (Technically, I'm not 9 months pregnant until tomorrow, but I'm taking some editorial license here.)

Later in the day, when I was settled down a bit, my auntie Rita showed up with a dresser we bought from her for baby's room.


Today, we started rearranging furniture so I can put away all the baby clothes I've been washing and drying and rolling around in exclaiming, "These smell so GOOOOOD!" and then folding. The room is starting to come together and I'm starting to feel like we might be almost ready for this.


I also met with my doula late yesterday afternoon to discuss the birth plan -- which mainly consists of, "Let's just see what happens and roll with it." I've expressed certain preferences (like, I'd prefer to not have drugs, I'd prefer to not have a C-section), but I don't see much use in getting myself all worked up about some imagined scenario of birthing perfection only to have my hopes dashed by some unforeseen circumstance. So, despite my Type A nature, I'm trying to be very zen about the whole thing.

This morning, I read a FinSlippy post that Wendy sent over; a very hilarious birth story, with a final paragraph that I thought was really touching:

I pushed a little more, and all at once the baby flopped right out of me and was placed on my stomach. It was an indescribable pairing of events--there was a tumbling sensation, a slipping away, and HOLY SHIT IT'S A BABY AND IT'S RIGHT THERE ON ME. Our hot and gooey baby was wailing and he was more beautiful than I had dreamed and he was ours. All we could say was, "Hello! Hi! Hi, Henry! Hello there!" We waited a year and then he finally said hello back.

That's all for now. Back to Christmas shopping and house projects. We need to trim the tree tonight, too! It's the mooooost wonderful tiiiiiime of the yeeeeeear!

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Yikes! Glad you're OK. I fell on my ass changing my tire the other eve...

I'm glad you're okay and blahblahblah but the worst part about when you even TYPE songs is that I can hear you singing them in that HORRIBLE "Broadway Meghan" voice.

im glad your ok meggie......but i called social services anyway.....word

Here a prayer to the universe to insure your safety for the remainder of this pregnancy.

Yowza, that's scary. Glad everybody's all right. I fell down once when I was pregnant with the little man, but it was right before I found out I was with child...and didn't know where the extra clutziness was coming from. It was a bitterly cold January day with negative something or other wind chill, and I slipped and fell on my knees, into a deep slush puddle. Yep. Good times.

As for Big Brain...I've been meaning to drop by and pump the guys for baby name ideas for this go around. We've got bubkus so far. Sigh.

I'm glad you are alright as well, although this lady has you bean as far as falls are concerned



Sorry it took me a couple of days to see this. More sorry that you slipped on the corner outside of the store. Not that it will ever happen again but we are pretty good at the nursemaiding hurt customers right here.

Take good care of yourself.

Michael Drivas--Owner BBC

Ouch! Glad you're okay.

Talk about being the last one to the party! I'm glad you are ok though. How are things going now?

I think you have a great outlook on birth, just to roll with it. I think it's crazy to have all sorts of plans etc when you can't control all the factors involved. So many women feel let down when their births don't go exactly so. Your way of thinking is the best one to have right now!

I can't wait to hear how you are and if baby is here yet. You need to update to let everyone know! :)