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Today, while Jeremy is at work, I'm obliged to undo the damage I've done to the house over the past week of "vacation." Namely, cleaning up the half-started projects that litter nearly every room of the house.

It went something like this, "Oh, look. I better unpack this box of picture frames. Okay, now they're scattered all over the floor, but I have nowhere to put them. I better reorganize all the bookshelves to make room for pictures and tchotchkes. Shoot, I can't get this bookshelf peg out, and my finger hurts, so I'll just leave it here on the floor. Oh, I better wash all the baby clothes I've gotten so far. Wow, when they're clean, they smell so good and they're so cute, I think I'll leave them here on the back of the couch where I can see them." And so on, and so on until my housewife-ADD has turned our home into a minefield of random crap that can't be put away until some other related project is completed.

I guess I did finish one project this week - putting all of my honeymoon travel journal entries up on the blog. If you're interested (and have a lot of time on your hands...they're looong), you can check out the details of our 2004 trip to Costa Rica.

At least it's snowing outside, and the mall will be a nightmare, so it's not like there's anywhere else I'd rather be. Though watching the Lord of the Rings extended edition trilogy wrapped up in a big, cozy blanket does sound awfully good...

Posted November 25, 2005 9:25 AM



Ah, forget about it and watch the trilogy... you deserve it ;)

How are you feeling???? You gotta keep us posted! ;)