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Travel Journal: Costa Rica Day 9

I didn't journal much at Samasati, huh? I kind of wasn't in the mood, an also we didn't really do all that much. After Sunday, it continued to rain almost all day and all night. They don't call it the rainforest for nothing!

Overall, I really like Samasati. Except for yesterday and today, I did yoga for two hours every day. I feel pretty good about that (though I pretty much gorged on the food, so I'm a bit worried to weigh in when I get home). On Monday, we went back into Puerto Viejo to do a kayaking trip. The weather was great during the river kayak - which was about two hours along a very small river. It was fun - not as challenging a kayak trip as I was expecting, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised since it's for tourists! But, it was cool - we saw a couple of monkeys, some turtles, and a sloth that was REALLY close. He was right at the base of a tree on the back of the river. We could have almost touched him, but we didn't.

At the end of the trip it started to rain. The other couple we were with (Brian and April) sat with us for a bit at the restaurant where the kayak trip began. We considered eating there, but the menu included items like Rabbit Ravioli, so we decided to pass. We walked up the road to a convenience store, where someone (Brian, maybe?) suggested we buy a bottle of guaro ( a liquor made of sugar cane that is a local drink). I read in a travel book that locals mix it with Fresca, so we bought a couple of bottles of that, and a couple bags of banana chips (slices of bananas, salted and fried like potato chips - really good!). We didn't have any cups, but the cashier reached under the counter and pulled out a stack of plastic cups for us! So, we mixed up some cocktails on the front porch of the convenience store. Very classy.

The guy at the store told us about a restaurant up the street, so we walked over there for some lunch. It was a little questionable in the food safety deparment, but most things here are, so you just roll with it. We had some arroz con pollo, then walked along the beach for a while. We had to kill time until our ride showed up again at 3pm. At the beach, we saw/heard a howler monkey, and then we swam for a while. It had stopped raining, but was still grim and cloudy. But, the water was warm (and salty!), so we had fun. And now I can say I swam in the Caribbean!

We wandered back to the restaurant, where the taxi was going to pick us up, and it was all closed up! Stefano, the Italian owner, told us the chef had gotten sick and gone to the hospita. Um...must have been the Rabbit Ravioli?

I'm going to have to continue this tomorrow - we have to get up at 4:30am to go to the airport tomorrow. Ugh.

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