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Travel Journal: Costa Rica Day 7, Part II

Okay, so on Saturday at around 1pm we arrived at the front gate of Samasati. It was much more rustic at first glance than Tabacon, but I sort of expected that. We had sort of a lukewarm greeting and we waited quite a while for someone to come and get us, and it was hot and I was hungry and tired.

A small SUV finally arrived and a friendly guy loaded our luggage and took us up the hill to the reception area which is about 1.5km uphill on a very rough road. At the reception desk, Pita checked us in. Right behind the desk is the restaurant area, an open air lodge where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served, buffet-style vegetarian meals.

As soon as we checked in, we had a hearty lunch of rice, beans and two kinds of delicious veggie mixes. The food here is superb. We hung out for a bit, then Jeremy went for a hike down to the waterfall on the property, and I had an Ayurvedic massage with Amy, the yoga teacher, and then went to a 6pm yoga class, which was very mild and relaxing. The cabins are sprinkled around the restaurant; I think there are 8 of them total. We are in #5, which is close to the hot tub (which looks out over the Caribbean sea), and just a short walk from the restaurant. Our bungalow has a sleeping loft at the top, with 4 walls of screened-in windows, and also looks out onto the Caribbean. When the sun rises, though, it is slightly to the South - which is nice because it doesn't shine right in our eyes, but is hidden a bit behind the trees. We still wake up early, though, with the sunshine and the raucous jungle noises.

We were up at around 6am this morning, so I went to the 7am yoga class and then we had breakfast afterward at 8am. Samasati has a free shuttle once a day to Puerto Viejo, the nearest town. We took it this morning. The day started out very warm and sunny, so we planned to rent a couple of beach bikes and ride to Puerto Uro, a beach outside of town. Puerto Viejo is a small beach town with a definite Caribbean flavor...like MAJOR Bob Marley going on. Lots of surfers, and expatriots selling pooka necklaces and shit - really not our scene. By the time we started walking through the town, the weather started to turn - it was getting cloudy and windy. But, there were still plenty of people on the beach and we were optimistic, so we went ahead and rented a couple of bikes and started pedaling toward Puerto Uro.

First, I think we missed the turn, so we turned around and started pedaling back toward PV. It started to sprinkle, and then it started to POUR. Also, the roads around here are filled with potholes, so all the bikes and cars are constantly swerving around like drunks to avoid them. And they're bumpy as hell - AND I wasn't wearing a bra because I was wearing my swimsuit because I thought I'd be spending the whole day lolling around on a sunny beach. It was a very unpleasant ride to say the least.

We got back to the bike rental place and dashed inside the restaurant for shelter. The restaurant was closed, but the guy let us sit in there to eat the lunch that Samasati had packed for us. It started to let up a bit, so we walked the rest of the way into PV and looked around a few of the shops. Overall, really lame and packed with shit and playing reggae, which gets on my damn nerves after a while. The day was pretty much a bust.

We got back around 3:30, then I went to the 4:30 yoga class and then we read for a while and went to dinner at 7. I have kind of a love/hate relationship with this place. On the one hand, I kind of like the vegetarian hippie yoga vibe, on the other hand, it's bugging me. They are not really as together as the website makes it seem - and they don't offer as many services as the site said they did. The rustic thing is sort of cool and soothing, but I think I feel a bit trapped here.

Sunday food:
Breakfast @ Samasati: black beans and rice, scrambled eggs, coffee, watermelon, pineapple and canteloupe
Lunch - Bread, butter and tuna, mixed greens and mixed fresh fruit
"Snack" in Puerto Viejo - beans and rice, cassava fries and Fresca
Dinner @ Samasati - Puree of broccoli soup, penne with walnut sauce, roasted pumpkin with rosemary, roasted mixed veggies, some kind of veggie/pastry bake thing, and a roasted beet, corn and spinach salad

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