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Travel Journal: Costa Rica Day 1

Just a little over a year since we were in Italy - and now we are married and on our honeymoon!

Right now, we are at the Phoenix airport waiting for our flight to Costa Rica. We're flying on America West, which sort of sucks. They don't provide any meals or snacks - you have to bring your own or buy them from the flight attendants. And they charge like two bucks for a snack size Pringles! What a rip.

Our wedding was two days ago, and we are exhausted still. This vacation is going to be so nice - it's our first time doing a vacation at resorts where we don't have to do much ourselves. Usually, we like more do-it-yourself travel, but doing it this way seems appropriate for both the occasion and the destination. I knew that for the honeymoon I'd want to do as little as possible, and as little stress as possible. And, since Costa Rica isn't a place that's really conducive to wandering (bad roads, etc.), I think this will be perfect. Except for the fact that the Phoenix TCBY is out of fat-free chocolate, everything is great so far.

Posted November 8, 2004 3:00 PM