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This week has been a crushing mix of stress and elation.

Elation: We finally, FINALLY closed on our house after a couple of agonizing months picturing ourselves living through the winter with two mortgages, eating Ramen noodles and wrapping our child in rags.
Stress: The closing date meant that Jeremy had to spend most of his free evenings (after a full day of work) cleaning miscellaneous boxes of stuff out of the old garage.

Elation: Jeremy's movie screened on Thursday afternoon at the Lagoon Theatre as part of the Get Real film festival.
Stress: The afternoon of the movie screening, he discovered our kitchen sink was leaking and water was getting into the basement bedroom. So, he scrambled to shut off the water (no shutoff valve under the sink -- sweet!), went to the movie, and then we spent the rest of the night and half of today with no water. Do you know what that means? No washing your face before bed. No brushing your teeth before bed (or in the morning when you wake up). No flushing the toilet. NO FLUSHING THE TOILET. Do you have any idea how often a pregnant woman uses the toilet during the course of one night?! By dawn, our bathroom toilet resembled an outdoor music festival Port-a-Potty (with the authentic lack of handwashing!)

Stress: A project at work has been pressing down upon me like a thousand giants stomping on my skull with concrete shoes.
Elation: I do feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And I'm happy to say that I did not bring my laptop home with me, and I don't plan to work over the weekend. At all. I'm going to have an actual weekend. Imagine that!

Regarding work, I think the combination of industries I work in (Advertising + Interactive = UTTER INSANITY! Hijinks!), and my personality (Irish-Catholic oldest child people-pleaser + stereotypical woman who can't say "no" = Martyred Perfectionist, even when it doesn't matter) means that I work far too much for no good reason, and I'm really struggling to correct that. For the good of my marriage, and the good of our shrimperton, who will be here in 9 weeks and will surely rock my world.

So, stress. And elation. Stresselation.

Life is a joyous, crazy ride.

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"Life is a joyous, crazy ride."

Tell me about it. We had a similarly stresselation-filled week. Here's to a wonderful, relaxing weekend for our respective households, and a lower key week next week to boot.

p.s. I'm ditching the boys this morning and going off to have my first pregnancy massage. I think I deserve it :-)