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Rock Mama, Off.

I had such high hopes for tonight.

Jeremy's friend contacted us earlier in the week about having extra tickets to tonight's Mike Doughty show at First Avenue. I enjoy the Doughty, so we agreed to meet downtown for dinner and then head to the show. I was going to be The Cool Pregnant Lady At A Late-Night Rock Show. Instead, I worked far too many hours at work (again), got home barely in time to make it to the 8pm dinner, and felt funktified and out-of-sorts from not really eating all day (apart from a bowl of cereal in the morning and some microwave popcorn in the afternoon -- BAD MOMMY!).

By the time we finished eating, I felt really awful and my eyes were doing this wonky sort of thing that usually indicates that a migraine is coming. (Could be an hour, could be a couple of days, but methinks I am at risk for one soon. It just better not come on my vacation day this Friday!)

You know how this is going to end, right? I bailed on the show. I'm at home now and Doughty isn't scheduled to go on for another fifteen minutes, so I'm glad I'm here and not wedged in-between a bunch of young drunksters while I shift around and try not to get sore feet or a sore back. It's good that I'm home. I really need to log off, lay down, give my fetus some rest and relaxation, calm my mind, and remember that even though baby is coming in EIGHTY-NINE DAYS OH MY GOD, everything will be fine and I just need to take care of myself.

But, it's also a bit sad that my days of staying-up-too-late-at-a-rockshow-on-a-weeknight are coming to an end.

For those about to rock, we salute you. In our PJs.

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:) But better things are about to come. I hope you manage to miss the migraine. By the way, I loved all the previous posts. I've been gone but wanted you to know I read them and of course found much to laugh about! I hope you're feeling good :)

An apple a day helps keep the Dr. away....

Oh, those days are so very over for you. But it won't hit you until that ohsoverykind relative calls you and says,

"How would the two of you like a night out on the town? I'll watch the baby!".

You jump all over the offer and make plans all week. You're going to grab dinner at a restaurant than is not kid-friendly. Maybe catch the 7:00-ish movie and then go dancing down at The Ave. It's going to be great and very young and free adult-like.

You make it to dinner and then head to the movie. You find out the hard way that your bladder hasn't been the same since the birth and wind up missing the best scene because you just could not hold it any longer.

Once back in the car, you both find you just don't have the energy to go dancing anymore and wind up heading home. You find out that the baby was an angel and is sleeping like a log.

A half an hour later, you are snuggled up in bed with a smile on your face because you are happier than you have ever been in your life.