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The P Files: Week 27

Next week marks the beginning of my third trimester. That means I'm 2/3 of the way there -- holy cow! Got a sassy new haircut this weekend, with a couple of highlights/lowlights thrown in for good measure. It's nothing as crazy as the pink, but enough to tide me over for now. I am maintaining a vaguely respectable appearance for the time being. I'm not sure why.

As far as the pregnancy goes...everything is great. I can feel baby move around a lot, which is really cool. No major complaints, though I am starting to notice that I get out of breath pretty easily, which I had been warned about (thank God for the Internet and "What to Expect When You're Expecting.").

This past week we celebrated Jeremy's 36th birthday. On Thursday, I gave him all his presents and then we went to dinner at Bacio with some clients of mine that were in town. J was a good sport about it; I think he might have even had fun. Friday night we had dinner and drinks at The King and I with Craig, Leigha, Jack, Juggy and Jeremy's sister, Jenny. Jeremy got loose with a pina colada, a martini, and two shots the waitresses referred to as "chocolate cake." I had several waters and a slice of ginger cake (hey, if a girl can't drink at least she can have dessert!).

Saturday, we had tickets to Cirque du Soleil. The plan was that I was going to make an AMAZING birthday cake, and we were all going to meet at Leigha's for pre-show dessert. What happened was, I went to get my hair done and then -- through a series of events too long and boring to explain -- I ended up stuck in construction-related traffic for THREE HOURS. The result of which was that I arrived home at 5:15pm, threw three eggs, water and a cup of oil into a Betty Crocker cake mix, and whipped the whole thing in the oven while sobbing my eyes out. Whee! We arrived at Leigha's at 6:15 (late, of COURSE!); I quickly frosted the still-warm cake in her kitchen and had it on plates by 6:30. Technically, a cake was served, but I still owe Jeremy a swankier birthday treat.

So, here we go into the 27th week. Both of us are feeling pressure about selling our old house (yeah...it's still on the market) and baby's arrival is looming. Along with all the pressures of J's work, and my work, and the unpacking, organizing and minor fixer-upper projects still left to do in the new house (which I REALLY want to finish before shrimpy arrives and life gets thrown into a sleep-deprived haze). I'm hoping that after taking this Friday and next Monday off I'll start to feel slightly less overwhelmed.

Email me at meghan at irish dash girl dot com if you want to buy a house. Seriously.

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