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The P Files: Week 26

That baby countdown is starting to freak me out. 97 days until shrimpy arrives and I still don't have half the shit I need. Thankfully, I'm taking two days off this month to work on house projects and do baby shopping errands. A four-day weekend of projects, projects, projects! I'm also hoping to finish up some GTD implementation, but some of that depends on our friend Bob finishing up the designs for our his-and-hers desk (so I can start filing our papers, etc.). We share an office in our new house -- once it's complete, I'll share photos of our Nerd Emporium. It's a Mac-adaisical wonderland.

Overall, I'm still feeling good. The only weird pregnancy complaints I have are that my feet sometimes feel a bit achey and if I walk a lot (like, a few miles at a time, or an all-day shopping trip) my hips start to hurt. I also get an ache in my belly sometimes. All three of these things are supposedly related to the stretching of ligaments and things shifting around to make room for a PERSON to come out of my body. Egad.

Baby moves around a fair amount; it's still a pretty strange feeling, but I'm getting used to it. I notice myself doing that belly-touching thing that I've always noticed pregnant ladies do. Sometimes I think it's a maternal instinct kicking in -- like if I'm crossing a street I instinctively hold my belly. Seems like the prenatal equivalent of your mom putting her arm in front of you when she slams on the brakes.

Other than that, things are fairly uneventful. Jeremy is working too much. I am working too much. Though, thankfully, we are both fairly relaxed about the whole situation. We don't come home tied up in knots. Which is nice. But, I'm looking forward to a day when I work 40 hours a week and can come home and knit baby stuff and watch Netflix all evening. I also really, really need to make time for some of my own stuff again -- like yoga, poetry stuff, socializing with my friends. I feel like I'm disappearing, and I need to get back in the game before baby comes and throws me all out of whack again.

In WWDDD (What Would Doris Day Do?) news, I'm going fabric shopping this weekend and plan to make kitchen curtains in the next few weeks, followed by dining/living room curtains and cornices/roller shades for baby's room. Snap! I'm practicin' for housewifery, bitches!

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