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The P Files: Week 25

Ah, week 25. When my fetus is the size of a household telephone. What?! Yes, those are the types of similies that weekly pregnancy emails come up with. What the hell is the size of a household telephone? Do they mean the size of my Hello Kitty telephone, or the size of my cordless phone? And does that include the charger base or just the handset? Because last week the best they could come up with was that my baby was the same length as the size of a standard piece of office paper, and now we've jumped to a telephone and I just can't keep up. Especially since several weeks ago it was the size of a large banana and frankly there aren't many phones larger than bananas these days. Honestly, they really need to work on their imagery.

Saturday, we attended our Birth & Parenting class at the hospital. It was a bit intense, but all-in-all I'm glad we did a hardcore one-day class instead of dragging it out over four weeks. They showed three videos over the course of the day, most of which reminded me of the movies they show you on the first day of Driver's Ed. The one critical difference is that YOU CAN CHICKEN OUT OF LEARNING TO DRIVE. It's a bit harder to change your mind about the whole baby thing after you see a closeup of some other lady's business with a head sticking out of it while the voiceover calmly tells you how many hours this phase of labor may take.

Luckily, we had dinner with my parents last night and my mother gave us some reassuring news: labor with three of her four children was around two hours. Like, total. For the whole deal. I guess it was the same with my grandma and her NINE kids. So, I'm hoping that heredity is on my side and I deliver this kid in less time than it takes to watch The Return of the King. (There's a VCR in the hospital room and I'm really tempted to put the movie on when I arrive and see if I can pop a fetus before Aragorn gets his crown. Which reminds me -- I think it's funny that it's a fetus inside, but a baby outside, sort of like how it's magma when it's underground and lava when it surfaces. So, "pop a fetus" sounds funnier to me, but I suppose technically I'd "pop a baby." But, I digress.)

In other news, I attended a David Allen seminar last Thursday and I swear to God I have seen the light and I am so into this guy's whole schtick it's not even funny. If he passed out Kool-Aid, I'd drink it. If he asked me for my firstborn, I'd stop for a minute to think about my answer. Seriously, I think he's onto something. I'm not going to go into it here, there are lots of sites that talk about the whole GTD system, but I will tell you that so far I give it a hearty thumbs-up* and am in the process of trying to implement the system in my work and personal life now. Mind like water. Ohmmm.

*Fair warning: in the past, I have also extended hearty thumbs-up to the following: stirrup pants, New Kids on the Block, perms and peach schnapps. So, you know, make your own decisions. I can't always be trusted.

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My longest labor for all six of my children was about 4hours. It doesn't have to be 18 hours or 36 hours, it can be short! I am praying that is what it will be with #7 who is on the way! :)

As far as GTD, I think that may fly a little better than stir-up pants and New Kids, although at the time, I LOVED both of them! :) Sounds pretty interesting anyway.