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The P Files: Week 24

First of all, I'm so cool I want to MAKE OUT WITH MYSELF RIGHT NOW. Why? Because I just added a little javascript baby countdown to my website. BY MYSELF. Not a big deal, I know, but I'm not really a programmer -- I'm really just a groupie. So when I do things that verge on "programming" (and I have to put that in quotes because all the real nerds I know are laughing hysterically at my "skills" right now) I fancy myself quite like Angelina Jolie in "Hackers" and then I get all excited because that means I get to make out with Zero Cool at some point. But, I digress.

I had my monthly fetal check-in today. Got my glucose drink for next month, which I have to drink one hour before my appointment and then they draw my blood and tell me if I have gestational diabetes. Which I don't. Because I said so.

The doctor says my weight is fine, though according to my calculations I'm about 6 lbs. over where I'm supposed to be. Which isn't so bad except that the bulletin boards that I frequent are filled with women bragging about how they're, like, 24 weeks along and have gained, like, 10 pounds and they are like, totally freaking out. It's just extremely hard not to compare yourself to other people and get really bummed out. At any rate, I'm starting to show a bit more, but most people still say, "Oh, you totally don't look pregnant!" Which is not what a woman who is 6 months pregnant and has gained 25 pounds wants to hear. Because at that point the alternative to "looking pregnant" is "looking fat" and that's just depressing.

Last week's lack of posts was due to my first case of the flu in years. Two thumbs down.

The baby's been moving and shaking and Jeremy is able to feel the movements now if he puts his hand on my belly, which is pretty cool. It's very strange to have something moving inside you that you are not controlling. Very surreal. I can only imagine how weird it gets as the baby grows.

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You are a programming goddess!!! :) If it were me, I'd want to make out with myself too :) Shoot, between the uber geekiness of your husband and the video and your new programming skills you little one may just come out a genius!!!! LOL

Don't worry about those "other women" who have only gained 10 pounds... most of them have probably gained 50 but don't want to admit it! hehe I bet you look much better than they do hands down!

That should have said "uber-nerdy" not geeky... don't want to give him a complex!!! hehe

Meghan, Britney gained 51 pounds and she's much shorter than you...and what do you want to bet that you'll both be back to your old banging bodies in no time?

"Programming Groupie"

That's the kind of shit that keeps me coming back for more! I love reading your blog!

WAY COOL java thingie...