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Diamond Rocks the Fetus

Further proof that I am the LUCKIEST GIRL ON EARTH:

A few weeks ago, Jeremy pointed out to me that Neil Diamond was coming to town, and I've been walking around ever since talking about how I'm going to go down to the Target Center the day of the show and see if there are any last-minute tickets and if there's not I'm just going to walk over to Pizza Luce and drown my sorrows in a mock duck and rinotta pizza and hey -- who wants to come with me?!

Then, today at about 3pm, out of NOWHERE, two free tickets to tonight's concert literally fell in my lap. I was just walking over to the printer at work when a co-worker -- who had NO IDEA that I had any desire at all to see Neil Diamond -- mentioned that another co-worker was giving away two tickets. FOR FREE. Yes, please!

Called up one of my dearest pals (who is almost never free) to see if she wanted to go. Miracle of miracles, she was free! And willing to put pants on and leave the house! I picked her up, and we sailed into downtown Minneapolis and into a parking ramp where we got a parking spot right next to the entrance to the street.

We walked to a restaurant, were seated within ten minutes, and finished our meal at 8pm ON THE NOSE. Showtime! Sauntered over to the Target Center where a mess of people were crowded near the entrance like cattle trying to get in. Right as we walked in, one of the security guards turned to me and said, "If you don't feel like waiting, they're letting people in on the skyway level." And he pointed to an empty hall leading to an empty staircase. Yes, please!

We walked right up the stairs and into the Target Center WITH NO WAIT. Up one escalator and down the hall to our seats RIGHT AS NEIL IS GETTING ON STAGE. What?! Could this evening be more destined?! Yes. Yes, it could.

We find our seats, and we're ten rows up. Right on the side of the stage. We can see Neil's freaking crow's feet from our seats. Sweet!

The show was AWESOME. I mean, the guy is like 64 years old and can rock a sold-out stadium. My dad is 55 and can't rock a chair in the living room past 9pm! Neil is a true sequined showman and I clapped my hands and did the white girl dance with no shame whatsoever.

My pal and I decided we would leave right after the last song to try to avoid the crowds on the way out, but the one song I really wanted to hear was Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show. The concert started winding down, and I turned to my pal and said, "Okay, we can go." She was all like, "Are you sure?" And I'm all like, "Yeah, it's cool. I have Brother Love on CD in the car." So, we scoot out of our row and head for the car. Except...what song do we hear him start playing from out in the hallway? You guessed it. So, we walked back in and I got to hear my song after all.

After all that, we managed to get out of the parking ramp before anyone else and avoided any lines and sailed right back out of downtown.

If there is a better example of the Universe conspiring with me, I can't think of it right now. Except for the time when I met my husband. That was cool, too.

Posted August 31, 2005 11:42 PM



Neil Diamond?! Man, I miss everything.


:) You are one lucky girl!!!

Me? I was sitting at O'Donovan's sipping a 12-year old Jameson (neat, please) watching the crowds of fatty, fatty, boom, booms heading to Target Center.

Not YOU of course, you're Preggers.

You have to admit that it was a strange crowd. well, maybe strange isn't the word; heavy, perhaps.

hey, mom. Watch it.

my people can take you out.