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The P Files: Week 21

Photographic evidence that I'm still barely showing:

This photo is also evidence of my shagadelic one-toned Mom hairdo. I'm going mental with mane boredom, and now that I've confirmed through multiple sources that hair dye will not cause me to have a baby with three heads I'll probably have to add some black streaks or something in the next few weeks (I have to go darker...my poor hair can't handle any more bleaching for a while).

Overall, I feel good. My nesting instincts are kicking in, especially since we had a little housewarming this weekend and this is really starting to feel like our house.

I'm offically vulnerable to cute little baby things at Target and have to be careful to steer clear of the infant section or I inevitably come home with a little sleeper with duckies on it, or a ducky faucet cover, or a blanket, or...you get the idea.

I can feel the baby move several times a day; I've heard these early movements described as "flutters," but to me it feels more like someone poking me from the inside. Not surprising, though -- if this kid is anything like its mother subtlety will not be its strong suit.

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beware of those ducks, they multiply..we got one.. and somehow (I figure through Osmosis) we suddenly found ourselves with thousands of them, there isnt' enough room in the bathroom for all of them.

The cuty baby section at Target is some sort of evil. I'm not pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant for at least a couple more years, and it even makes ME want to buy baby stuff. Luckily my brother pumps 'em out, so I've got nieces to dump, er, I mean lavish my impulse buys on. Nieces are also handy for getting that dollar section out of my system.

Congrats, btw!