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Is the fact that I listen to classical music in the car to make my fetus a genius cancelled out by the fact that I'm constantly screaming and cursing at other drivers?

Posted August 26, 2005 5:28 PM | On This Day: 2002



No, Steve was always listening to classical music and cursing and wel all turded out fine.... well except you know who.....

i think if my mom listened to anything, it was probably the beach boys. i grea up in a house that - up until two years ago when my parents bought a portable CD player, only had a record player, radio and 8 track. And they still have that. I have to admit...I kind of want it.

I would have to say that it doesn't matter, although with all the swearing, you may find when the little one wont' go to sleep, a little pretend roadrage by the crib might just put the little one at ease, they do remember sounds from the womb.

Really, you're just maintaining balance in the universe. You don't want a creepy zen genius baby, do you?