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The P Files: Week 20 - Baby's First Photo

We had an ultrasound today! I thought we'd cry (okay, I thought Jeremy would cry), but we didn't. I smiled a lot, though. It was so amazing to see this little person moving around inside me! I can sometimes feel it a little bit, but what I feel is nothing compared to the somersaults s/he was doing onscreen today. Simply amazing!

The doctor said it's about the size of a can of pop. So, without further ado...here's Dr. Pepper's first photo.

In case you can't tell what the hell you're looking at, Jeremy made you this cheat sheet.

UPDATE: My uber-nerdy husband has actually videoblogged the event. We are officially freaks.

In other Week 20 news (halfway there!), I just got back from bra shopping. We all know what a thrill I get from bra shopping -- just imagine my sheer delight in trying to find a bra for an ever-expanding maternity rack. Let me just tell you that I am now the proud owner of the three ugliest brassieres ever produced. In the world. Ever. Sexiness be damned, I'm knocked up.

Oh, and I managed not to wee on my hand this time.

Current score:
Meghan = 2
Hand = 2

Next month, we break the tie.

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:) I love u/s! With as many kids as I have and with all the medical problems I have a lot of them. I knew what I was looking at in the picture but I have to say I LOVED your husbands cheat sheet! Too funny! Don't you think this makes it seem even more "real". It always does for me!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! - love, LOVE the cheat-sheet. As for the videoblog (so sweet!), I think it's pretty safe to assume that your child will harbor horrible resentment and later spend thousands of dollars on therapy if you nickname it El Gordo. Especially if it turns out to be a girl.

OMG!!!!! I LOVED the video! Your husband rocks! I'm gonna agree with Leigha that if you have a girl and call her El Gordo she'll be in therapy for a long, long time ;) I loved putting your face to your writing personality. I have to say you are exactly how I imagined you! :) I can't wait for another installment!!!!

well michelle if you have spent your whole life staring at that mug you would want to get the image of that face out of your mind ASAP. i think you should name the little schmuck, Pants, or perhaps Otis if it is a guy. If we happen onto the unfortunat circumstances that you give birth to a girl you should name her Nora, or perhaps Gina. Gina would be best cuz if jeremy walked into the room and Gina was drawing on the wals he could yell "DAMN GINA!" and then you would poke your head in and say "OH MARTIN, You so crazy"