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Constant Craving

I've noticed that being pregnant I now like, and dislike, certain foods more passionately than I did before.

For example, I now really dislike chicken in almost all its forms. I can handle it covered in sauce in a Lean Cuisine frozen meal, but in almost any other form it makes me gag. The other night, I had to leave the room while my mother ate some roasted chicken for dinner.

On the other end of the spectrum, I am now obsessed with Swedish meatballs. Now, I did not grow up in a traditional Minnesota family where things like Swedish meatballs or hotdish might be served for dinner. In fact, I'm pretty sure that the first time I actually ate Swedish meatballs might have been last year at IKEA. (Maybe not, but if I had them before that I don't remember it.)

What I'm trying to say is that there is no good reason why I would suddenly find myself wanting a big plate of Swedish meatballs all the time. There is no explanation (apart from a serious progesterone overload) why I can sometimes be found fondling bags of frozen meatballs at the local Byerly's and wondering to myself if the sauce comes with, or if I have to make my own.

I'm now looking for reasons why Jeremy should take me to IKEA. The first and most important reason is so that I can get a big plate of meatballs with lingonberry jam. The second reason is that I can also buy some meatballs and gravy to bring home from the Swedish market. The third, and perhaps most rational reason, is that we should look for some baby stuff. Did I mention they have buy one, get one free meatballs on weeknights?!

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your sick of chicken? imagine eating chicken every day for 6 monthes!!!!!then you can talk to me about being sick of chicken!!!! JESUS! or as mom will remember i used to think that the greek Gon Zues was pronounced ZEZUS (Jesus with z's) anyway at least rice wasn't ruined for you. if it was you couldn't enjoy Kwazy Kwans on 54th and Penn!

Peace Homey!
Keep it real!

You are the 5th woman (including myself) who found chicken to be the most repulsive pregnancy food ever!

My friend, Linnea is OBSESSED with the Swedish meatballs, so she's always dragging me to IKEA. Next time we go, we're picking you up on the way.

when I was pregnant with Sophie I ate Swedish meatballs about once a week. I thought about them all of the time. Maybe this means you're going to have a girl... When I was pregnant with Martin, I craved ICEEs. Maybe I'll have to have another baby to see if these are clear indicators.

chicken made me ill when I was prego with a boy...hmmm...

Swedish Meatballs are on sale at Ikea this week