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The P Files: Week 18 Update

Getting bigger, but still not feeling like I'm "showing" a lot yet. Overall, I still feel really good and my doc said everything was a-okay at the last checkup. We got to hear the heartbeat again, and I peed on my hand. Again.

The only other real "news" is that I'm emotional as all hell. On our way back from a trip to Wisconsin this weekend, I was reading parts of The Baby Book out loud to Jeremy and burst into tears when they started talking about how the baby should be laid on your tummy right after she's born and how much she's been through and needs the warmth and reassurance of mother's touch.

I just sat in the passenger seat and sobbed for no good reason, except that I suddenly understand what people mean when they say that having kids means living with your heart outside of your body. Even now, after just 18 weeks, I have this intense urge to protect this little person from everything bad and I'm already planning all the ways I'm going to flay anyone who ever tries to hurt MY BABY.

I think I need to make a maternity shirt that says "Don't fuck with my baby." In fact, there are a variety of maternity shirts I need to make because the majority of them are either a) too expensive and/or b) not funny or clever. I need to fix that. Because, hey -- isn't the F-word both funny and clever?

The only other news is that our old house will be on the market by Friday. I spent the evening scrubbing the bathroom floor and the wall behind the stove, and sweeping the basement. Jeremy is still over there painting the kitchen.

For some reason, it's just now starting to dawn on me how much we've taken on since our relationship began. Since February of 2003, we've met, moved in together, got engaged, a company I worked for went bankrupt, we went to Italy, I got a new job, we got married, went to Costa Rica, I quit my job, got a new job, we got pregnant, bought a new house and are now selling our old house. Holy shit, we need a freaking breather. And our window of "breather" opportunity is currently...22 weeks.

I have to go self-combust now. That is, after I put the clothes in the dryer.

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:) Welcome to Motherhood!!! :) You just described a perfect Mama... her heart outside her chest, fiercely defensive, very emotional and a whirlwind of activity!!! You've got it down pat!

I thought I was living at the bleeding edge when last month I got a new bed frame. And that was the biggest news for me so far this year.

You aren't kidding(no pun intended) when your life has changed a lot in a couple of years....but someday I hope the pink hair comes back.

I don't think your idea for a T-shirt would be correct , I think there are those whose political views are different then yours who might read it a little differently.

So I guess I would be out of line if I asked if you could babysit Alexi & William tonight....?