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Binary Badge of Honor

Oh, we meant to get so much done this weekend. Really. We had the best of intentions. What ended up happening was one date (dinner at True Thai and a showing of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory), two mornings of sleeping in, approximately 7.5 naps, several reading breaks (I'm reading Harry Potter #5, my little dude is reading the latest), lots of making out, and a Sunday outing to the antique stores in Hopkins (where I ran across an old Girl Scout Guide and showed Jeremy the badge I was most proud of. I was expecting that they'd have updated the design, but turns out it's still the same ol' badge today!).

Despite not getting very many projects done (unpacking in the new house, finishing projects to get our old house on the market), I couldn't have wished for a better weekend. With both of us working full time, and feeling overwhelmed with all the lists of things to do in life, just enjoying my husband doesn't happen nearly enough. And I just have to state here, publicly, that he is the fucking cat's meow and I'm lucky we found each other. He is so funny and smart and caring and talented and wonderful in a million ways. I hope we enjoy each other as much in 50 years as we do right now.

Alright...enough of that sap crap already! After work tonight I met Becca for dinner at IKEA (Buy one, get one free on the 10-piece Swedish meatballs!) and then tooled through the store looking for crap we probably don't need. I was hoping to find some baby stuff, or at least get some ideas, but either I wasn't in the right mood or IKEA was having a bad day because "I went to IKEA and all I got was this lousy shower curtain."

Pregnancy update coming soon -- I've got my July checkup tomorrow. I'm hoping to go twice in a row without urinating on my digits. I should steal some extra sample cups so I can practice at home.

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