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Nighstand Meme

Mopsa told me not to bitch about this assignment, knowing full well that I would. So, I would like to preface this by saying, I hate these things, but I have to do what Mopsa tells me to. It's a part of our sick, codependent relationship that I think we both cherish.

Here goes.

What's on my nightstand?
- One lamp with leapard print lampshade (a wedding gift from my pal Cynthia)
- A bunch of books:
Beginnings: Birth, Pregnancy and Beyond
What to Expect When You're Expecting
You Can Afford to Stay Home with Your Kids
The Blind Assassin (which I totally can't get into and my mom said she felt ripped off when she finished it so even though I liked The Robber Bride, I'm considering scrapping this book in favor of Harry Potter)
- Two Journals (one mine, one baby's) and a pen
- Two catalogs
IKEA 2005 (will be replaced by the 2006 catalog when I trek to the store on the 26th to scope nursery gear with Becca)
JCPenney (SHUT UP. They have good window coverings at a reasonable price!)
- A dead fly (Okay, technically it's on the floor, but it's really close to my nightstand and I should really sweep it up.)

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Gross about the fly!! LOL Cute meme though! :)

how does the baby have a jernul? do you put the pen in its belly button so it can write?

I think she means she's writes a journal to give to the baby about her pregnancy :)

nice work. stay tuned for further assignments.


hey. i stumbled upon this thing while doing a search for "irish stuff"... or something to that effect. you have such a cool way of putting this thing together. it kept me occupied at work for a good half hour. (now you can go freak out because you don't even know who i am and that probably sounds a little sketchy. hah) oh, well. just thought i'd let ya know! :)

How do you put one of these together like this? I don't have one at all - but would like one. Think you could give me a couple hints on how to go about all of this?
-fellow irish-girl.

Here's what the baby journal says so far:
Dear baby, you're not born yet. See you in 6 months. That's all for now. Love, Ma.