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The P Files: Week 11

So, I am 11 weeks into what should be about a 40-week journey. So far, so good.

I'm more tired than usual, but I try to take naps on the weekend and have gotten better at going to bed earlier (and thankfully have a job where I don't have to be in until about 9am).

I've gained somewhere around 10 pounds, which is a bit more than I should gain in the first trimester, so I'm trying to be better about what I eat and I try to go for 30-minute walks before work (I usually manage to do this at least 4x/week). I also try to go to yoga twice a week, but with the move that's on hold. (Oh, yeah. Did I mention we're moving? Nothing like attempting all of life's major changes within 6 months, eh? Get married, get a new job, get knocked up and buy a new house. We'll see what other crazy shit I conjure up next.)

In other prego-related news, I get up 3-4 times a night to pee and I snack on prunes. You do the math! I've also continued to get migraines, much to my chagrin (I've heard that some women magically stop getting them while they're pregnant). Thankfully, the two I've had so far have been pretty mild; as long as I sit on the couch with ice on my neck, I do okay.

My clothes are getting tight, but most are still manageable (except for certain pairs of jeans -- oof!). I've started my quest for maternity clothes, which I figure I'll really start wearing within...I dunno, 4 weeks? God bless all my friends who have been pregnant recently and are giving me their hand-me-downs! I'm filling in the blanks with clearance-rack goodies from The Gap (Long and leans with a stretch panel? Yes, please!), Old Navy and Motherhood Maternity (Hello, summer dress for $17!). I'm actually looking forward to really "showing" because right now I just look...well, sort of fat.

Overall, things are good and this is all very exciting. Rumor has it that we'll get to hear the heartbeat at this month's checkup! Oh, speaking of checkups -- I really need to improve my skills at this whole "peeing in a cup" thing. I have to do it EVERY TIME I go to the Ob/Gyn. And so far, my aim has not been good. If you know what I'm sayin'.

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also check out Nu-Look - got all my "work" maternity clothes there!

guess next time we watch a movie we'll have to see who lasts longest without peeing.. also, get used to that going to bed early.. since Logan came, we rarely go to bed after 10

Migraines are apparently the McInerny curse. Weak. What kills me is that I did not learn the ice trick until this past year, and up until that point would further eff myself up with heating pads in an effort to feel better.

Anyways, I feel your pain. Literally. Right now, I feel it.

Ice, man. Whoda thunkit?