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Bunty & Babli

Oh, blessed be. Jeremy and I found another movie theater that shows Bollywood films, and this one is right in our backyard! The Mann Hopkins theater was showing Bunty and Babli over Memorial Weekend. So, after a relaxing few days up on Lake Superior, we hustled home on Monday in time to catch the 6pm show. Totally worth the $8, and much to Jeremy's pleasure, they were selling Samosas at the popcorn stand.

I think Bunty and Babli may be my favorite Bollywood movie thus far, topping Lagaan, Asoka, Akele Hum Akele Tum, and Bewafaa. It was funny, touching and had a helluva soundtrack with the perfect number of over-the-top dance sequences and a mind-numbing array of costume changes.

Viva Bollywood! Viva Bunty and Babli!

Posted June 1, 2005 10:18 PM



isn't it Baliwood?

Nope, it's Bollywood.

"The word Bollywood was created by blending Bombay (the city now officially called Mumbai) and Hollywood, the center of the United States film industry."
- Wikipedia