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My Mom is the Shittake Mushroom!

Best. Mom. Ever. The woman who made an award winning hat for "Crazy Hat Day" at Holy Cross Elementary School after I woke up at 3am the night before wailing, "I just remembered tomorrow is crazy hat day!" The woman who put up with me for thirty years with hardly a complaint, who always sends me a Valentine, and who knows everything. Seriously. Do not mess with Madge, she will school you. Posted May 9, 2005 9:26 PM | On This Day: 2006 2003 2002



Gee, thanks, Meggie. that was an awesome hat! An old peach colored fedora, with two old stuffed gardenin g gloves stitched on the crown. Fingers of one glove stitched down to hold a bright blue pinwheel! I think you won the darn contest. The first in a long line of waiting-till-the-last-minute-inspiration. xxoo

Lets see more of these great pictures!

Hi Meghan,

Bob said you were here the other day (Gage) and told me to check out your wedding photos. You look great (Mom too). Congratulations! I will have to check in to your site again to see photos from Caryn's wedding. I bet she looked gorgeous!

Take care,